When I switched to a raw vegan diet almost 6 years ago, my whole life has changed. I gained self-awareness, felt more self-love, and lived my life according to my vision: traveling to distant lands, living spirituality, sports and exercise, and just so much more courage and energy to live my dreams.

Denis Salamon and Catherine Scheitterlein are vegan for ethical reasons and have thereby discovered their passion for cooking and finally raw food. Together they have the first peace food restaurant in Dr. med. med. Ruediger Dahlke in southern Styria and enthusiastic guests with vegan and raw food. They have also gained a lot of practical experience in raw food institutes such as the “Living Light Culinary Institute”, CA, on their world tour. Her knowledge and enjoyment of the vegan diet she teaches in courses and private coaching as well as in her legendary Challenger eBooks and for a year in her legendary yoga and raw food retreats in Teneri? A. All raw food recipes immortalized her in her four ebooks,

Luckily with the raw food

In search of a fulfilled life, raw food plays a big role. It gives you energy, clarity, strength and the feeling of being connected with people and the earth BUT it is not everything. We travel to learn about natural ways of life, healing practices, and alternative ways of thinking. Here you will not see raw food tips and recipes, but everything else about a healthy life. It will be everything from meditation to yoga to psychological tricks on how to release blockages and fulfill your dreams. Follow us on our heels and see how we find our happiness and 
maybe you’ll find it too …

As a trained raw food chef and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher follow the path of my destiny. It is my great concern through the learned and self-developed techniques to lead people to their true selves and vocation so that they can live with joy every day. I have often suffered from depression, inferiority complexes, as well as acne and other skin problems in my life, and now I see these weaknesses as a strength. They have led me to all these healing methods that I can now pass on to other people. It is important for me to heal people on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and above all that they have a lot of fun and joy in this process.